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Meet the new - Eternal Glow Therapy, which is porcelain skin lightening that will bring out your natural glow 🤍⁠⁠The Eternal Glow is a unique, illuminating face care treatment. Created with carefully selected active ingredients, it provides the skin with an adequate level of hydration and the effect of a radiant, radiant complexion. Discover its unique action on your skin and let it shine naturally!⁠⁠#eternalglow #new #facecare #inspiredbynature #vegan #gentleformula #organique #porcelainflower #naturalshop #dullskin #glowingskin #naturalcosmetics #premiumskincare

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body butter, body care, shea body butter, Shea butter -

The tucking in notes of Oriental Jasmin or intriguing scent of Imperial Wood? Which Shea butter is your favourite during the season of the year?

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dermo expert, hand care -

The beautiful hands are the showcase - so take proper care of the skin and cuticle. Do you remember to care for such a detail that all in all brings an outstanding effect? If not, check the Dermo Expert butter that has 98% of the natural ingredients closed in the small box. It is the perfect recipe for the nail and cuticle care.

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anti aging serum, anti-ageing, collodial gold, eternal gold, face care, serum for mature skin, skin care -

The Eternal Gold serum is the gold mine that rejuvenates your skin. The light formula hides perfect active substances, fitted to your epidermis - mainly dry and mature one. When looking for intense care, check the serum - thanks to the clary sage, French lavender oil, proper hydration is guaranteed, even up to 24 hours. With the anti-ageing duet giving the botox-like effect. Who got the serum and is happy with its results?

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The protection against the external factors during the day with the hand cream is all you need! Adding to that, the intense care, regeneration and unisex scent - which Dermo Expert product would you need for your hands to be happy?

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