Argillotherapy, what? Effective or not?

Argillotherapy, what? Effective or not?

It is a natural method of healing with the use of clays. There are many different clays powders with different properties and colours. Which clay would be suitable for you? 

What is clay?

Clays are classified as peloids, and from Greek "pelos" means "mud". They occur naturally in nature. They were created as a result of various biological and geological processes. Peloids are groups of raw materials, such as: bioliths, or mules, peats, and these are calcareous sedimentary rocks of organic origin. These include bioliths, i.e. sedimentary clays, which include sedimentary rocks of inorganic origin.

Clay has an absorbing effect but also removes impurities from the surface of the skin infusing it with microelements and macronutrients.

white clay mask

White Clay >>>

Natural kaolin clay is one of the most delicate clays. It is characterized by light and silky consistency. Is rich in nutrients and minerals; aluminum silicate, silicon, magnesium, calcium, iron, potassium and sodium. It is recommended especially for delicate, dry and sensitive skin types, prone to irritation and mature ones. It also has normalizing effects on oily and combination skin.

Green Clay >>>

It is rarely encountered and very wanted clay, rich in macro and microelements. Its green colour is due to the high content of iron and copper. Thanks to its exceptional properties, it perfectly regulates sebum secretion process, supports acne treatments, nourishes and regenerates skin, as well as delays ageing process. It can be used as a mild peeling, normalizing and purifying face mask or tightening and slimming body mask.

green clay mask
clay powder face mask in jar

Ghassoul Clay >>>

The Ghassoul clay comes from its only known deposits in the world, located in Morocco, on the verge of the Middle Atlas in the Moulouya valley. It is rich in silicon, magnesium, potassium, calcium, iron, aluminium, copper, lithium and zinc. Due to its unique and universal properties, it is used by the best SPA & Wellness centres around the world. When mixed with water, it takes a form of mud with washing and cleansing properties. It also reduces dryness, smooth and fixes skin structure.



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