How to keep your young look?

How to keep your young look?

It has been long known that each skin type requires specific care. We select various cosmetics considering our age, level of skin hydration or imperfections. However, independently of skin hydration or our age, there are some fundamental rules of care we have to follow. We might sometimes miss them but their implementation is the key to satisfying effects. It's worth to know and use them in everyday life.

Makeup Removal



At some point, every woman has surely fallen asleep wearing makeup, but our skin will look much better if it doesn't happen too often. Night is a time of skin regeneration. When it's covered with a layer of colour cosmetics, it cannot breathe, clogs, dries and doesn't have a chance to regenerate properly. The habit of sleeping with makeup on can cause us to look even a few years older and make the skin look unhealthy - that's why we should always remove it before going to bed. We can make it quickly and easily with a makeup remover, face gel or natural soap.

Drinking Water

Water has amazing properties - cleanses body of toxins, accelerates metabolism and hydrates the body from inside. Drinking the right quantity of water during the day ( min. 2 litres ) will help us maintain the proper skin hydration, your skin will be more firm and radiant. Try always have a bottle of water by your side and drink it in small sips so that it absorbs as good as possible.

Eye Cream 

Many young women believe that they don't have to use an eye cream yet. They couldn't be more wrong! We should get the proper cosmetic already when we reach the age of 20. Eye area skin is very delicate and really exposed to ageing processes; that's why the sooner we start taking care of its hydration, the better it will look despite the passage of time.

Neck and Decollete Care 

Neck and decollete skin is said to be the symbol of our age, which is why we should treat it as carefully as face skin. It will be sufficient if you apply your face cream also on the neck and decollete. Thanks to that your skin will be hydrated, tighter and will keep its young look for a longer time.


If you want to enjoy a smooth, firm and healthy skin for a long time, try to protect it from the sun as good as you can. Remember! Our skin is exposed to the adverse effect of sun rays even on a cloudy day or in winter so we should use sunscreen cream every day, not only when sunbathing on the beach. It will protect us from premature skin ageing, discolourations and dryness.


Thanks to it our whole body, including the skin, can function in a proper way. No one looks good after a sleepless night: the face becomes grey, flabby and visibly tired. Let's try to sleep 7-8 hours every night so that our skin has time to regenerate and can repay the favour with a healthy look the next day.


Everyday cleansing of makeup and impurities is fundamental, but it's also good to spend a bit more time and use a peeling once a week. It will not only thoroughly cleanse pores but also exfoliate dead epidermis, stimulate skin regeneration and let the other applied cosmetics be absorbed and work in better, effective way. 


We cannot only take care of the look of our skin from outside. What we eat during the day also has a great influence. Too much processed food, sweets and alcohol influence the skin and may lead to imperfections. Balanced diet reach in nutrients, vitamins and minerals will be a great support in maintaining a smooth and radiant skin.


It's the most important rule in the skin care - right next to patience. We cannot expect amazing results after a single cream application or a mask used once a month. Let's try to devote some time to our skin every day, apply cosmetics matched to its type and live a healthy lifestyle - our skin will surely repay the favour.

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