Magic Fruits in Rejuvenating Face Care Therapy

Magic Fruits in Rejuvenating Face Care Therapy

Goji berries are also known as wolfberries. Goji is a thorny branched shrub with a lancet, full leaves and pink, five-leaved flowers. Its fruit is an oval, fleshy, red berry. There are many myths and legends about goji berries, their origins, possibilities and effects. They undoubtedly come from China and Tibet. For thousands of years, they have been successfully used in traditional Chinese medicine to heal many ailments. Goji berries are recognized as the world's healthiest fruit due to the wealth of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. These wonderful fruits have become the inspiration for the creation of our Anti-Ageing Therapy.

What can goji berry extract do for our good look? 

Contain loads of antioxidants which help the skin to keep its firmness
 Perfectly hydrates Accelerates the processes of the epidermis regeneration
Inhibits ageing processes Reduces the depth of wrinkles
Protects skin cells against free radicals Improves skin colour  Stimulates collagen synthesis


The line is recommended for the care of tired skin with signs of ageing, which needs stimulation and regeneration. All cosmetics have been enriched with carefully selected natural active ingredients, have velvety and light formulas. We have used an extract from goji berries grown only on organic farms, which has dermo-stimulating and anti-ageing properties.

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