NEW! Energizing and Refreshing Hair and Body Therapy

NEW! Energizing and Refreshing Hair and Body Therapy


We associate spring with warm rays of sun, awakening nature, juicy green plants and seducing scent of blooming trees and flowers. It ignites our natural energy, which we all need after a long winter. We can stimulate our senses in the privacy of our homes, too: revitalize the skin and take good care of the hair. With carefully composed and synergistic skincare products we can do just that. Organique’s solution is The Feel Up, a new complementary therapy combining energizing scents, stimulating extracts, light formulas, and cohesive design.

Feel Up is a line of energizing skincare products providing comprehensive skin and hair care. The initially refreshing scent of fresh green tea and lemongrass, bergamot and coriander have been preserved with a fine tinge of musk and amber. FEEL UP line of products is a promise of an enjoyable sensory experience and a guarantee of effectiveness. Plant-based formulas contain extracts from plants rich in antioxidants, Matcha tea, and green caviar. Enriched with natural oils, they are vegan cocktails that awaken the senses and revitalize the skin and hair. FEEL UP skincare products are recommended for all skin types, especially those needing a boost of energy and vitality, hydration and suppleness.

cleansing ⋅ smoothing
hydration ⋅ firming


cleansing ⋅ protection
cleansing ⋅ vitality


smoothing ⋅ moisturizing
refreshing ⋅ moisturizing


cleanses ⋅ protects
 moisturizes ⋅ relaxes


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