Organique 18th Birthday

Organique 18th Birthday

Let’s celebrate this 18th birthday together! 

We can boldly say that we started the trend of natural cosmetics in Poland. Mr. Czarski, fascinated with handmade soaps and bath products he encountered during his studies in France, came back to Poland with his head full of fragrant inspirations.

He did create glycerin soaps on his own; the first workshop was located in a tiny cellar where he tried various recipes. Then, he was joined by the circle of trusted people – together they created the first cosmetics which started the concept of soap stores in Poland.

At the beginning our offer was focused on soaps, bath powders and salts; in 2005, we created the first line of cosmetics – Milk & Lychee. Its equivalent is still present in our offer, next to nearly 400 other products for body, face and hair care, bath and aromatherapy.

The first shop of Organique was opened in 2006 in the Szczawno-Zdrój health resort. Since that moment, during 12 years, we have managed to open a chain of over 50 shops.

At the turn of 2008 and 2009, the first line of cosmetics for professional SPA treatments was created. At the same time, we started conquering foreign markets – our products gained fans in Norway, Germany, Kaliningrad or Sweden.

For 18 years, we have been working on the development of our company and we’re enthusiastic about the future.

From the very beginning, nature was our greatest inspiration. By combining tradition with novelty, we show you how to live a healthier and more beautiful life.


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