Revitalizing Therapy - Delicious Touch

Revitalizing Therapy - Delicious Touch

In the everyday, often very active life, we usually expect a lot from ourselves and set the bar really high. We try to fulfill our roles in life and professional tasks as best as we can. However, we end to forget how important it is to maintain balance between the active life and moment of rest and respite. Sometimes we should, and even have to, find some time only for ourselves, little pleasures and daily care treatments. We can create an aromatic SPA in our own bathroom and relax with sensual cosmetics, at the same time taking effective care of our skin. The Delicious Touch / Revitalizing Therapy is a line of unique cosmetics which will allow you to “feel glamour”,

take care of your skin and pamper your senses. Their captivating scent combines the notes of refreshing citrus fruits and the sweetness of exotic fruits seasoned with a bit of musk and wooden notes. Heir gentle formulas will always turn your daily care into the time of relaxation and pleasure. The Delicious Touch cosmetics will allow you to create your own, unique ritual and take your imagination to the garden full of ripe fruit blooming flowers.

The Delicious Touch cosmetics are not only sensual experiences but also active compositions. We endeavored to make special more than just their aroma and subtle color. Their formulas have been enriched with juicy fruit extracts and natural oils. The ingredients complement the whole, creating vitamin, energizing care cocktails. The Delicious Touch cosmetics are recommended for every skin type. When used regularly, they revitalize, firm, improve skin firmness and hydration, protect against external factors and inhibit the ageing processes.

Revitaliing cosmetics from Organique


Inspired by nature Organique

INSPIRED BY NATURE – the cosmetics are free of parabens, PEGs, SLS, paraffin, Vaseline, silicones, formaldehyde donors and ethanolamines. The gentle fragrance composition is free of allergens. Out of concern for the naturalness of our products, we keep perfecting their compositions. We endeavor to make them healthy, skin-friendly and close to the nature. W deprive our cosmetics of aggressive preservative, cleansing and foaming agents which may cause irritation, dryness and even allergies. Products marked with this sign are mild and based on natural extracts.

The cosmetics of the Delicious Touch / Revitalizing Therapy have their targeted actions, their effects complement each other creating a holistic and fragrant treatment which brings a lot of pleasure.

  • BODY SUGAR PEELING - cleansing, smoothing
  • SHOWER GEL - cleansing, protection
  • BODY BUTTER - nutrition, firming
  • FRAGRANCE BODY LOTION - glamour effect
  • HAND CREAM - strengthening, regeneration

Delicious touch cosmetics for body care

cleansing ⋅ smoothing

A peeling filled with saturated oils, with sugar crystals and raspberry seeds which massage the skin and thoroughly exfoliate the rough epidermis. After the treatment, the skin regains its glow, becomes smooth, nourished and beautifully scented.

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: sunflower oil, Shea butter, a complex of raspberries, strawberries and blackberries, raspberry seeds, candelilla wax.

HOW TO USE: apply onto skin and massage with damp hands, then rinse.

PRODUCT PROPERTIES: the formula contains nourishing oils, the peeling effects of sugar enhanced with raspberry seeds, a subtle, feminine scent, protects the hydrolipid layer of skin, leaves a very gentle film, easy to wash off, recommended use: once-twice a week, does not irritate skin,

HOW TO USE: exfoliates rough epidermis, cleanses skin, protects skin during exfoliation, after the use, skin is smooth and hydrated leaves a gentle, scented film, massage with the peeling stimulates
micro circulation

Organique body sugar peeling

Organique shower gel delicious touch
cleansing ⋅ protection

The velvety shower gel creates a fluffy, scented foam which gently cleanses the skin making it soft and sensually scented.

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: a complex of raspberries, strawberries and blackberries, noni and passionfruit extracts, vitamin E, glycerin.

HOW TO USE: apply the gel onto wet skin with a hand or a sponge, spread until it foams, then rinse.

PRODUCT PROPERTIES: a gentle, velvety cleansing formula, cares for skin during shower, a subtle, feminine scent, a slightly acidic, friendly pH, does not upset the protective barrier of skin, comfortable application, recommended for daily use

THE EFFECTS OF THE SHOWER GEL: cleanses skin in a gentle yet effective way, cares for skin already during shower, maintains the natural pH of skin, smooths and softens, leaves skin scented

nutrition ⋅ firming

The fluffy body butter, full of valuable extracts and nourishing oils, will take loving care of the skin, leave it velvety, smooth and beautifully scented.

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Shea butter, coconut and sesame oils, a complex of raspberries, strawberries and blackberries, noni, passionfruit, ivy and pollen extracts, panthenol, glycerin, vitamin E.

HOW TO USE: massage a small amount of the butter into the skin.

PRODUCT PROPERTIES: the wealth of active extracts and oils
in the formula, a fluffy, smooth texture, a subtle, feminine scent, quick absorption, does not leave an oily film, recommended use: once-twice a day

THE EFFECTS OF THE BUTTER: nourishes and firms, hydrates and revitalizes, smooths and provides the effect of velvety skin, leaves a gentle, fragrant film on skin, relaxes during application

Organique body butter delicious touch

Delicious touch fragrance body lotion from Organique
glamour effect

The very light, scented body lotion absorbs quickly, covers the skin with a sensual scent, leaves it satin, smooth and well-cared.

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: a complex of raspberries, strawberries and blackberries, noni and passionfruit extracts, bitter orange flower water, sweet almond oil, vitamin E, urea, glycerin.

HOW TO USE: massage a small amount of the lotion into your whole body or selected body parts.

PRODUCT PROPERTIES: an aromatic and active care – 2 in 1, a subtle, feminine scent, high fragrance concentration, a light, emulsion texture, immediate absorption, does not leave a film on skin, recommended also for a quick care during an active day, an exclusive glass packaging, product packed in an elegant cardboard box

THE EFFECTS OF THE LOTION: leaves a beautiful scent on skin for a long time, revitalizes, improves hydration, softens epidermis, smooths skin and leaves it radiant – the “glamour effect”

strengthening ⋅ regeneration

The gentle hand cream provides a comprehensive protection and care, leaves skin soft and scented.

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: oils: coconut, sweet almond and rapeseed, a complex of raspberries, strawberries and blackberries, noni, passionfruit, flax and pollen extracts, allantoin, glycerin, vitamin E.

HOW TO USE: massage a small amount of the cream into hand skin.

PRODUCT PROPERTIES: the wealth of plant extracts in the formula, a subtle, feminine scent, a light texture, quick absorption, no feeling of stickiness, recommended use: every time after washing hands

THE EFFECTS OF THE CREAM: strengthens and regenerates skin, improves hydration, protects skin against irritation, softens and smooths, leaves a gentle, scented film on skin

Organique hand cream delicious touch

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