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The tucking in notes of Oriental Jasmin or intriguing scent of Imperial Wood? Which Shea butter is your favourite during the season of the year?

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Tucking in, oriental scent and the maximum of body care - how about this duet? In the She butter Golden Oud there is all you need to connect care for your body and happiness of your mind. The aromatic nourishment contains more than 55% of the pure Shea butter. Mixed with oils - soy, grapeseed and avocado gives a skin proper care - feel the soft, smooth and healthy-looking skin, right now!

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Leave routine behind and turn your everyday care into a unique ritual, ideally in flowery-oriental scent. The Creamy Whip subtly cares about your skin and nourishes your body and senses. The warm, perfume scent teleports you to oriental wonderland. After you are done with body routine, feel the delicate scent in the air for a long time. Slow down and start noticing small rituals in everyday life. You are too precious not to do it! ❤️

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Do you know that coffee grounds are easy to reuse and are perfect if it goes about the nourishment of our bodies? Give a coffee a second life and gift it to all the coffee-lovers and zero-waste fans! 💛 Coffee grounds create a matching duo with Organique clay and oil. Mix those above and take care of your body - it will thank you with a great look, and smooth, elastic, and bright skin.

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Would you like to spice up your body and senses with the Spicy Therapy? 😍 With this oriental therapy, it is easier than ever before! A sweet orange scent spiced up with some oriental ingredients is a mix you won’t forget. Thanks to natural active substances, it is a pleasurable moment of joy… you deserve it!

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