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The Eternal Gold serum is the gold mine that rejuvenates your skin. The light formula hides perfect active substances, fitted to your epidermis - mainly dry and mature one. When looking for intense care, check the serum - thanks to the clary sage, French lavender oil, proper hydration is guaranteed, even up to 24 hours. With the anti-ageing duet giving the botox-like effect. Who got the serum and is happy with its results?

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Around the eye, skin is five times thinner than in different places on the body. Reduction of dark circles provides us with a fresh, better look. Eternal Gold eye cream is an excellent solution for those who seek botox-like & anti-ageing effects shortly after a few uses. Around eye tissue needs some active ingredients. In Eternal Gold, you can find extracts from salvia sclarea and colloidal gold. Your skin receives substances that make it lubricated, more elastic and stronger, thus looking great! ✨

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