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The beautiful hands are the showcase - so take proper care of the skin and cuticle. Do you remember to care for such a detail that all in all brings an outstanding effect? If not, check the Dermo Expert butter that has 98% of the natural ingredients closed in the small box. It is the perfect recipe for the nail and cuticle care.

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The protection against the external factors during the day with the hand cream is all you need! Adding to that, the intense care, regeneration and unisex scent - which Dermo Expert product would you need for your hands to be happy?

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Azelaic acid fastens the epidermis regeneration and brightens the discolouration. The perfect duo with hyaluronic acid prevents water loss. It is entirely taking care of sensitive skin, with discolouration problems. Advanced technology and valuable raw materials. Are you tempted? You should! :)

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In everyday life, hand skin is exposed to the effects of many irritating factors, such as detergents or adverse weather conditions. Seemingly resistant and resilient, in reality, hand skin is very sensitive. Devoid of sebaceous glands, it does not secrete sebum which constitutes a natural protective barrier and protects skin against irritation and excessive drying. Therefore, it is important to take regular and particularly thorough care of hand skin.  Cosmetics for hand care are rich in selected, natural extracts and plant butters. They provide effective regenerating, hydrating and smoothing actions. The therapy comprising of serum, mask and hand cream mostly...

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