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The Eternal Gold serum is the gold mine that rejuvenates your skin. The light formula hides perfect active substances, fitted to your epidermis - mainly dry and mature one. When looking for intense care, check the serum - thanks to the clary sage, French lavender oil, proper hydration is guaranteed, even up to 24 hours. With the anti-ageing duet giving the botox-like effect. Who got the serum and is happy with its results?

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Do you know that coffee grounds are easy to reuse and are perfect if it goes about the nourishment of our bodies? Give a coffee a second life and gift it to all the coffee-lovers and zero-waste fans! 💛 Coffee grounds create a matching duo with Organique clay and oil. Mix those above and take care of your body - it will thank you with a great look, and smooth, elastic, and bright skin.

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Small gestures make big moments! Give your friends and family My Pleasure as a gift and see how it brightens their day! Thanks to an oriental flowery scent, this set is dedicated to celebrating unique moments and bliss.❤ Turn everyday shower and hand care into beautiful moments that hydrate the skin. Results are, the skin looks more healthy and bright. The joy of giving is much more precious than the joy of receiving!

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Azelaic acid fastens the epidermis regeneration and brightens the discolouration. The perfect duo with hyaluronic acid prevents water loss. It is entirely taking care of sensitive skin, with discolouration problems. Advanced technology and valuable raw materials. Are you tempted? You should! :)

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Natural Black Soap Savon Noir is famous for its cleansing effect. But let’s take a look at other possible ways of application. 👀Savon Noir helps with gentle hair wash, providing your hair with volume. It acts anti greasing and softens your hair. It is helpful if it goes about razor burn or even helps with feet bath, preparing feet for a pedicure. Learn about different methods of using Savon Noir. Chances, this soap is going to be a fixture in your toilet bag, are high.

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