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Do you know that coffee grounds are easy to reuse and are perfect if it goes about the nourishment of our bodies? Give a coffee a second life and gift it to all the coffee-lovers and zero-waste fans! 💛 Coffee grounds create a matching duo with Organique clay and oil. Mix those above and take care of your body - it will thank you with a great look, and smooth, elastic, and bright skin.

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body mask, clay mask, face care, face mask, ghassoul clay, natural cosmetics, natural skincare, organic skin care -

Ghassoul clay, appreciated in medicine and cosmetics for ages, is a multidirectional product which can be used from head to toes. Have you ever tried it in any other form than a cleansing mask? Clay will help you complement daily face care but will also be a suitable replacement for basic cosmetics - hair shampoo or soap. When combined with water, Ghassoul clay becomes a slightly foamed mud which gently cleanses and hydrates our body, gives volume and lightness to the hair. It's excellent news for those who seek minimalism in their vanity case. 💆‍♀️

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