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The protection against the external factors during the day with the hand cream is all you need! Adding to that, the intense care, regeneration and unisex scent - which Dermo Expert product would you need for your hands to be happy?

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Well-deserved relaxation and a sensual scent in the air... it is easy to float in wonderland. With the Sweet Dreams set, daydreaming turns into wakefulness. All boxed in one place. 💜 Black Orchid has a unique, sweet scent, that wakes up all the senses. Regular skin care turns into superb and unique moments of joy. Just for you, together with Black Orchid! In the Christmas time, gift your nearest and dearest. Remind them that small things make big, often enjoyable moments. 🌺

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Limited edition of My Pleasure Line is going to be your moment of joy. Providing that your skin is demanding and exposed to harmful, external factors, this hand cream is a disembarrassment from harsh and unpleasantly rough skin. Feel the oriental and flowery scent and feel the bliss. 5 minutes. World off, your moments of relaxation on. ❤

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Sometimes our hands are sensitive, thus dry, rough and the nail dermis chapped. Let’s take proper care of our hands, as it is our showcase. Delicious Touch hand cream helps your hands stay strong, well-groomed, and a cherry on top - it has a tempting flowery scent.

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In everyday life, hand skin is exposed to the effects of many irritating factors, such as detergents or adverse weather conditions. Seemingly resistant and resilient, in reality, hand skin is very sensitive. Devoid of sebaceous glands, it does not secrete sebum which constitutes a natural protective barrier and protects skin against irritation and excessive drying. Therefore, it is important to take regular and particularly thorough care of hand skin.  Cosmetics for hand care are rich in selected, natural extracts and plant butters. They provide effective regenerating, hydrating and smoothing actions. The therapy comprising of serum, mask and hand cream mostly...

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