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Do you know what Limited edition of My Pleasure Ritual can give you? ❤️ Think about an oriental journey that caresses your body with flowery-oriental scents. Hydration and skin nourishment is vital - Shea butter contained in the Body Butter cares about dehydrated skin. Gingko Biloba extract and vitamin E strengthen the skin and protect it from external factors. The aromatic relaxation and intense nourishment is the favourable duet in any season - Let us take care of your well-being!

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Do you aspire to feel sweet moments of pleasure? We are sure you do! Create your ritual with a beautiful, oriental flowery scent while having a bath. ❤ The smell of a bath bomb, the intensive hydration of the Body Butter - this talented duo is essential to leave your body looking healthier, and your senses in the relax mode. 😍

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Limited edition of My Pleasure Line is going to be your moment of joy. Providing that your skin is demanding and exposed to harmful, external factors, this hand cream is a disembarrassment from harsh and unpleasantly rough skin. Feel the oriental and flowery scent and feel the bliss. 5 minutes. World off, your moments of relaxation on. ❤

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Small gestures make big moments! Give your friends and family My Pleasure as a gift and see how it brightens their day! Thanks to an oriental flowery scent, this set is dedicated to celebrating unique moments and bliss.❤ Turn everyday shower and hand care into beautiful moments that hydrate the skin. Results are, the skin looks more healthy and bright. The joy of giving is much more precious than the joy of receiving!

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Are you living in a hurry? Don’t forget to work some pleasure into your busy life. With a limited edition of My Pleasure Line, create your inspiring ritual that connects the relaxing bath and nourishment of your body and senses.❤ Chill down your senses and just let the active ingredients do some magic to your body. You deserve an excellent treatment from My Pleasure line. Just for you, just for… pleasure, of course!

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