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Bath-lovers would appreciate colourful, relaxing pleasure with the Set Fizzy Bath! 💕 Immerse yourself into a bathtub in the domesticity and feel the bliss and calmness all around. What is more, your skin after one session is going to look smoother, nourished and softly scented. Gift this pleasure to yourself, or your nearest and dearest.

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Some parts of our body deserve more care than others. It goes especially about private areas.🌸 Many cosmetics contain aggressive substances that irritate our skin. It is essential to choose a feminine wash that is suitable for sensitive skin. Feminine hygiene gel has subtle, washing ingredients that don’t harm the epidermal barrier. The lactic acid keeps women’s vaginal microbiota on a proper level. Natural extracts act anti-inflammatory and relax. Remember, only daily conscious care about our bikini area provides us with comfort all women deserve. 💕

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Shea Butter is superb if it comes to nourishment and vitamin boost for our bodies. The skin tucked in the balm is rehydrated, regenerated and protected against external factors. Create a daily ritual and see more healthy-looking skin. Independently on the season, enjoy moments with Shea Butter. 💛

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