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Natural Black Soap Savon Noir is famous for its cleansing effect. But let’s take a look at other possible ways of application. 👀Savon Noir helps with gentle hair wash, providing your hair with volume. It acts anti greasing and softens your hair. It is helpful if it goes about razor burn or even helps with feet bath, preparing feet for a pedicure. Learn about different methods of using Savon Noir. Chances, this soap is going to be a fixture in your toilet bag, are high.

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Natural oils have a lot of benefits – one of them is a natural composition but also a nutritional and positive effect on your body. Pamper your skin and hair with a daily ritual. Find an oil tailored to your individual needs, and tuck your skin in with famous Argan oil, coconut oil or macadamia nut oil. ✨ Make a break from all the cosmetics with unknown or toxic substances, and surprise your skin and hair with the superb, but natural product! 💛

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