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The Eternal Gold serum is the gold mine that rejuvenates your skin. The light formula hides perfect active substances, fitted to your epidermis - mainly dry and mature one. When looking for intense care, check the serum - thanks to the clary sage, French lavender oil, proper hydration is guaranteed, even up to 24 hours. With the anti-ageing duet giving the botox-like effect. Who got the serum and is happy with its results?

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Tucking in, oriental scent and the maximum of body care - how about this duet? In the She butter Golden Oud there is all you need to connect care for your body and happiness of your mind. The aromatic nourishment contains more than 55% of the pure Shea butter. Mixed with oils - soy, grapeseed and avocado gives a skin proper care - feel the soft, smooth and healthy-looking skin, right now!

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Would you like to spice up your body and senses with the Spicy Therapy? 😍 With this oriental therapy, it is easier than ever before! A sweet orange scent spiced up with some oriental ingredients is a mix you won’t forget. Thanks to natural active substances, it is a pleasurable moment of joy… you deserve it!

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Are you living in a hurry? Don’t forget to work some pleasure into your busy life. With a limited edition of My Pleasure Line, create your inspiring ritual that connects the relaxing bath and nourishment of your body and senses.❤ Chill down your senses and just let the active ingredients do some magic to your body. You deserve an excellent treatment from My Pleasure line. Just for you, just for… pleasure, of course!

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It is essential to care about the skin no matter the season and no matter if you are male or female. To give our skin all the vital substances, celebrate regular skin routine and all the essential rituals. One of the fundamental issues is to care about our hands - many people consider hands as one's showcase. Too hot, or too chilly weather challenge our hands. Chances are, our hands become harsh, dry and unpleasantly tight. Hands cream Pour Homme not only cares about male hands but also provides guys with a proper level of hydration. Give your hands proper...

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