Why should I exfoliate?

Why should I exfoliate?

Surely you have heard many times that exfoliation of your skin is very important but has anyone ever told you why?

First of all, we will try to explain what exactly exfoliation is. So it is the removing of dead cells from the Epidermis the purpose of this is to stimulate the Dermis and reveal new alive skin cells. Regular skin exfoliation does increase the elasticity of the skin, smooths it and revitalises it.

Why should we exfoliate?

Our skin is built from many layers which sit one on the top of the other. Each layer has different properties and functions. Skin constantly produce skin cells which “travel” through their life up to the top layer of Epidermis where they become dead. That ongoing process is called Turnover and it takes 14-24 day for young skin. Unfortunately, with ageing, that process slows down dramatically. Dead cells start to unevenly cumulate on the top of the skin depriving it of its natural glow. By exfoliating regularly we do remove deposits of dead Epidermis and reveal young and firm cells but also we do speed up regeneration and shorten the turnover process.

Who should exfoliate?

Everyone, even if your skin is sensitive. Exfoliating smoothes skin and stimulates microcirculation. However you should make sure that you use the right type of an exfoliation suitable to your skin type and its condition, otherwise, you may irritate and damage your skin.

How often should you exfoliate?

It depends on your skin type. With an oily and combination skin, you can exfoliate even twice a week but if your skin is dry and sensitive once a week is absolutely enough. You have to remember that if you will do it too often your skin may not have enough time to regenerate and in effect may get irritated.

What product for what skin type?

It is very important to pick the right products which will be beneficial for your skin type and it wouldn’t irritate your skin. For sensitive and dry skin the best would be an Enzymatic Peeling which doesn’t contain any particles, therefore, it is the most gentle but efficient way to exfoliate. For oily and combination skin, unless it is sensitive, we can use Goji Berries Exfoliation with an Amber. During a manual massage, natural particles will nicely exfoliate and remove all dead cells. Mature skin often becomes much thinner, therefore, you can either go for an Enzymatic Peel or exfoliation with particles but much smaller and gentle, in that case, Corundum Peeling would be perfect.

Bring back the skin's glow, get rid of the dead cells!

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