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Refreshing & hydrating body mist

Imagine that you can give yourself a totally new body care experience with refreshing body mist available in four unique fragrances. This cosmetic will give you a feeling of freshness and will surround you with a beautiful scent. We are giving you four fragrances wrapped in elegant bottles which you can carry with you everywhere you go. A hydrating body mist is perfect for hot summer days as well as for gloomy moments when you feel like treating your senses to a beautiful, calming scent. Read more and decide which fits you best: Greek, Black Orchid, Bloom Essence or Mango?

hydrating body mist

Delicate mist for your body

Natural Shop offers its customers natural cosmetics of the highest quality. All our formulas are inspired by nature and made of natural ingredients. We know that it is important to give your skin healthy and organic elements as well as to provide you with pleasure. We choose the best ingredients which hydrate and soften the skin to keep it healthy and strong. We are selling our products in over 50 places around the world and we are constantly working on new ideas and formulas.

Refreshing and hydrating body mist

A refreshing body mist is a cosmetic which brings freshness as well as joy. The first scent in our collection is Greece – a fresh fragrance with sweet grapes. It will moisten your skin and keep it smooth. For those who prefer flowers-inspired formulas, Black Orchid will become a favourite. It is a fresh and sensual scent which keep the skin moisturized and soft.

Bloom Essence will satisfy all lovers of elegant fragrances. It is a scent of spring flowers which give energy whenever you spray yourself with this delicate fragrance. The fourth hydrating body mist in our collection is Mango – a scent of sweet fruit mango. It is perfect for everybody who loves to surround themselves with fruit fragrances. It is light and keeps the skin moisturized. Natural ingredients and professional formulas make those cosmetics irreplaceable additions to our everyday skin care.

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