Natural Crystal Deodorant Alun 50g

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Fragrance-free, 100% natural deodorant designed for all skin types. The product very effectively inhibits odour and controls the sweat glands.


• Eliminates odour - eliminating the bacteria responsible for its formation.
• Do not interfere with the scent of other cosmetics (fragrance-free).
• Hypoallergenic, no preservatives, artificial colours, alcohol - safe for very sensitive skin, allergic.
• Do not create white and yellow stains on clothing.
• Do not clog sebaceous glands, leaves a delicate protective layer.
• Very efficient (with daily use is enough for a year).
• Gently cools.

Effects: soothes, calms, reduces odor

Slightly moist the top of deodorant with lukewarm water and gently massage the armpit, for a couple of seconds, with a circular motion.

To strengthen the effect of deodorant you can add a drop or two of Tea Tree or Patchouli Essential Oil.

Please make sure that your skin doesn't react to neat essential oil on the skin before you use it.

• Natural deodorant replacement
• Removes the unpleasant smell from the skin of hands- onions, garlic (when you wash your hands to wipe the skin several times )
• Soothes cuts and stops bleeding after shaving
• Reduces redness after hair removal
• Soothes pain after insect bites