Pure Natural 100% Argan Oil with Ecocert 50ml

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Organic oil of Ecocert made in a factory of Margoni (Morocco) in the heart of Argan tree forest. Cold-pressed, free of preservatives.

Due to its performance, it is the most valued oil in the world, also known as “gold of Morocco”. It contains a wealth of fatty acids, vitamins E and F, linoleic acid and phytosterols, which makes it an effective cosmetic for the care of all type of skin.

Especially recommended for demanding and sensitive skin, as well as for hair and nails. The oil nourishes deep, moisturizes and softens. It protects against ageing, improves elasticity and prevents stretch marks.

Effects: enhance elasticity, nourish, hydrate, smooth


Skin - After a bath massage a little bit of the oil on the still-wet skin.

Hair - Rub onto dry hair (you can use a compress), after an hour wash-off with a delicate shampoo. It can be also used as a serum for damaged hair tips.

Nails - Rub onto the cuticle and nail plate or soak them in warm oil with the addition of lemon juice.