Green Clay Powder Face And Body Mask For Oil And Acne Skin 200ml

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The aromatic, full bath nectar provides gentle cleansing and rejuvenation of the skin. It also firms and brightens the skin.

It is rare and very desired clay, rich in macro- and micro-elements.

Due to its remarkable properties, perfectly regulates the secretion of sebum, supports the treatment of acne, nourishes and regenerates the skin, and slows the ageing process. It can be used as a mild peeling and the normalizing and smoothing mask. With a wide range of applications, clay can be used both in the face treatments and body anti-cellulite treatments.

Effects: anti-inflammatory, removes impurities, anti-cellulite and anti-swelling

Green Clay Powder

Face Mask Body Mask Bath & Peeling

2 teaspoons of clay + 1 teaspoon of water / hydrolate + small amount of nutritional oil

100 g of clay [approx. 130 ml] + 70 - 80 ml of water + a small amount of light oil

you can add some powder into a bathtub, homemade body or face peelings

WARNING! Metal accessories and bowls should not be used to prepare clay products.