Active Ingredients A - B - C - D


Provides quick strengthening effects to fragile capillaries.

Used in peeling in low concentrations, they act as “penetration promoters”, strengthen keratolytic effects of enzymes, soften stratum corneum.

Grown or taken from sea depths. They are one of the most important plant ingredients of cosmetic preparations. Rich in micro- and macro-elements, vitamins, proteins and polysaccharides. They provide a complex care of sensitive skin. They improve hydration, soothe irritation, nourish and regulate sebum secretion and improveskin tightness. They contain an exceptional wealth of organic and inorganic substances, e.g. high content of carbohydrates, proteins, lipids, as well as vitamins and micro-elements. They are very well absorbed by human tissues. Their effects on skin are very wide: They nourish, strongly hydrate, and enhance micro circulation and, what’s most important, visibly firm.

The “gold of Morocco” - its invaluable health and care properties have been used for ages by the autochthonous Berber tribes. Nowadays, as one of the most precious raw materials, it is used independently or as an ingredient of luxurious cosmetics. It contains a countless wealth of active substances and anti-tumour compounds, more than 80% of unsaturated fatty acids and a high concentration of vitamin E. Because of that, Argan oil shows incredibly effective regenerating and nourishing properties for the care of skin and hair.

Effectively hydrates, regenerates and soothes skin.

Aloe barbadensis (desert plant) – free of allergenic aloin constituting the natural plant protection. Aloe flesh has 140 biologically active ingredients (amino acids, enzymes, sugars, vitamins, mineral compounds, fatty acids and many more). It has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects, accelerates regeneration, hydrates and softens skin.

Naturally present in the root of comfrey. It accelerates the process of epidermis granulation, eliminates effects of skin irritation, softens and smooths.

Has anti-oxidative, anti-inflammatory effects, gently brightens. High content of arbutin, a natural hydroquinone, inhibits the activity of tyrosinase enzyme and, thus, reduces the production of melanin in the skin, as well as prevents discolorations.

Brown algae extract, rich in nutrients and micro elements, e.g. - organic iodine. It detoxifies, regenerates, oxygenates and calms skin.

Obtained from persea seeds, the so called oil of 7 vitamins – A, B, E, H, K, PP, F – has a nut scent, very well penetrates epidermis, is non-comedogenic. It contains squalene and avocadine which regenerate epidermis. It easily penetrates skin, softens it, does not cause allergies, has anti-fungal effects and soothes irritation.

(FMLT AzelaSphera 10.0TM) closed in liposome coating, it guarantees a gradual and longlasting application. It has antibacterial properties and, unlike externally used antibiotics, its long-lasting use doesn’t make bacteria resistant to it. It regulates the process of exfoliation, sebum production, cleanses skin and has preventive effects. It reduces the number of blackheads and pimples, reduces and soothes erythema. Like every acid, when used systematically, it also enhances the level of hydration and stimulates fibroblasts to produce collagen and elastin (support proteins of skin).


An exceptionally gentle washing agent obtained from Argan oil, exceptionally mild to skin and hair. Rich in nutrients characteristic for Argan oil, it preserves its valuable properties. It has Ecocert.

Obtained from beeswax combs, rich in fatty acids, vitamins and micro elements. Exceptionally soft, it provides balms with a smooth, creamy consistency. It nourishes, oils and smooths epidermis, protects against re-drying.

A phytosterol, its composition closely resembles intercellular cement lipids. It is able to build itself into epidermis, strengthens the lipid barrier and prevents evaporation of water.

An active substance present in camomile oil; when manufactured synthetically, it has the same effects but is free of allergenic factors. It has anti-inflammatory and soothing effects, reduces skin redness (often used in cosmetics for children).

Strengthens capillaries, improves micro circulation, protects and stimulates regeneration.

A natural plant conditioner obtained from brassica oil, facilitates combing, prevents hair static and tangles, provides hair with softness.



Supports lipolysis, reduces cellulite and swelling.

Grows in the sea at depths of 15-25 m. Due to their resemblance to coral, they have often been mistaken for it; It was not until the 19th century that red algae were recognized as a separate species. They grow very slowly, ca. 1 mm per year. Over time, they die, get covered with calcium crystals and become white. Lithothamium algae contains a lot of mineral ingredients, amino acids, vitamins and antioxidants. They are especially rich in calcium: they contain more than – until now considered the greatest source of calcium – oyster shells. Algae particles in gels effectively but also gently cleanse skin of impurities and dead epidermis. It allows for the everyday use of the body scrub wash. After using it, skin becomes smooth and shiny, while a micro-massage with algae particles improves micro circulation and skin oxygenation. It enables a quick and effective penetration of active ingredients from the next used cosmetics deep into epidermis.

Rich in many biologically active substances. It shows anti-oxidative, regenerating and strengthening effects.

wax obtained by extraction of stems and leaves of a Mexican plant from the euphorbias family. It very well oils and cares for skin. It protects skin and nails, smooths and provides shine.

Carrot oil is obtained in the process of cold-pressing of carrot seeds. The extract is obtained from its roots. Carrot oil and extract contain vitamins (B, C, E, H, K, PP) and minerals. Provitamin A (carotene) is especially important – it improves skin colour, accelerates renewal, smooths, hydrates. It is a strong antioxidant and protects against ageing.

Obtained from seeds of the tropical castor oil plant, with a high level of ricinoleic acid, the most shining plant oil. It oils and protects skin, soothes irritation, regenerates, provides proper shine.

Obtained from leaves of copernicia – a plant growing in Brazil. It contains mainly fatty compounds and is one of the hardest waxes present in the nature. It provides skin with shine and elasticity, oils, softens, creates a delicate protective layer.

Accelerates skin healing, regenerates, inhibits ageing processes.

Centella Asiatica (also known as centella or gotu kola) is a plant from the Apiaceae family. It grows in tropical areas of Asia and Africa. It has been used in the natural medicine (also Ayuverdic) for thousands of years. It is an exceptionally valuable source of vitamins (A, C, E, and K), microelements, flavonoids, phytosterols and amino acids (serine and alanine). It is characterized by a very wide effect range. It stimulates fibroblasts to produce collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. It strengthens skin support system, improves scar structure and has strong regenerating and firming effects.

Has strong warming effects.

See - Cinnamon
See - Chilli

Red algae, called the “plant silicone”, a source of many vitamins, proteins, micro elements and carotene. They soften, hydrate and enhance elasticity of dry skin, protect against irritating factors.

Warm skin, have antiseptic, antibacterial and refreshing effects. They are also a strong antioxidant and, thus, inhibit skin ageing processes.

Refreshes and regulates sweating of feet.

Rich in elements, polyphenols and caffeine which are valuable to the skin. It stimulates skin endorphin production providing relaxation, mood improvement and stress reduction. It has firming effects.

Shows biocompatibility with human skin, strengthens its lipid barrier. It nourishes, softens and enhances elasticity, protects against UVB rays.

  • Coconut is the fruit of a coconut palm which grows mainly in Asia and Polynesia. It belongs to the class of fruit drupe and might weigh even 2.5 kg. In Asia, coconut is also used as a medicine for many illnesses, and coconut palm is called the “tree of life”. The beneficial properties of coconut oil were not discovered until 1930s. The price of oil is influenced by its quality, and consequently, by the way it is obtained. Good coconut oil is natural, cold pressed, with a typical coconut scent. The cheaper, most common oil is obtained by heating and pressing the flesh (copra), deacidifying and bleaching it. At room temperature, coconut oil has a solid form, which is why it is often called coconut butter. At high temperatures, it might melt into liquid form.
  • Contains the wealth of B vitamins, vitamins C and E
  • Contains fatty acids, folic acid, calcium, zinc, iron
  • Contains natural anti-oxidants
  • Perfectly regenerates, soothes, prevents skin chapping
  • Softens, inhibits ageing processes

Of plant and animal origin. Color additives used in the industry are usually obtained by way of extraction of plant raw materials (leaves, flowers, roots, fruit).

A complex based on hydrolyzed rice proteins. It inhibits the effects of photo-ageing and degradation of collagen fibers. It reduces irregularities and wrinkles.

A source of natural caffeine and polyphenols. It has slimming and anti-cellulite effects. It favors elimination of toxins and free radicals, adds vitality.

A medicinal plant from the borage family. It grows in Europe and is present in the whole area of Poland. Its root is used for medicinal purposes. It has been used for ages in the natural medicine. Its medicinal properties were appreciated already during Crusades: it was used for compresses in the cases of fractures and injuries, hence it was called the “gold of the Saracens”. Comfrey extract contains allantoin, mineral salts, organic acids, pectins, resin and vitamin B 12 . It has coating (protective) and soothing properties. Natural allantoin (which has its source in comfrey) stimulates tissue regeneration, has an anti-inflammatory effect, softens and regulates the process of epidermis exfoliation.

Nourishes, regenerates, softens and prevents heel cracking.

Cornflower belongs to the Asteraceae family, which comprises about 600 plant species. Centaurea cyanus is widely used in Polish and European natural medicine; it has an important role in the herbal medicine. For medicinal, cosmetic and consumption purposes, its flowers are obtained from the natural state. The extracts contain flavonoids, tannins, polysaccharides, mineral salts and organic acids. The extract has soothing, softening and anti-inflammatory effects.

Obtained from cotton seeds, rich in unsaturated fatty acids, palmitic acid and a natural vitamin E. It has a beneficial influence on skin and hair, nourishes, accelerates regeneration, softens, soothes and hydrates. Due to its composition and light consistency, it is very well absorbed and, therefore, recommended especially for the care of delicate and sensitive skin.

Stimulates collagen synthesis, strengthens the skin structure and has an anti-wrinkle effect. It accelerates the ion exchange and migration of active substances deep into skin. It has anti-inflammatory effects, reduces discolorations and brightens.

A valuable source of vitamins, especially vitamin C and many organic compounds. It intensively rejuvenates, hydrates and lifts skin. It strengthens skin immunity.

Cucumber belongs to the cucurbits and is probably derived from the wild species growing in India, in the foothills of the Himalayas, even 3000 years ago. About 2000 years B.C. its cultivation spread in the Mediterranean countries. In the 16th century, it appeared in Poland and many other European countries. For centuries, cucumber has been used in the folk medicine as a medicament and to improve one’s good looks. Despite the popular opinion, it does not consist only of water: cucumber is a rich source of vitamin C, sugars and minerals. The cucumber extract brightens discoloration, smooths, hydrates and soothes irritation. It also has anti-oxidative and detoxifying properties.


Softens, regenerates skin, stimulates the synthesis of collagen in the skin.

A cleaned extract of African grass roots (Hypoxis Rooperi), enclosed in a three-dimensional matrix obtained from a Peruvian Tara tree (Caesalpinia Spinosa). It brightens post-inflammatory discolorations which often affect couperose skin. It eliminates free radicals and increases the synthesis of collagen in the skin (improves skin firmness and elasticity).