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It has immune-stimulating and anti-inflammatory effects. It stimulates the synthesis of hyaluronic acid, strengthens blood vessels.

Contain flavonoids, vitamins (A, C, B6), tannins, organic acids, pectins and sterols. Eldererry fruit extract smooths skin and enhances its elasticity, protects against the adverse effect of the environment, reduces free radicals.

A natural substance with a long-lasting bronzing effect. It provides skin with a natural and long-lasting colour without stains, discolorations or an unpleasant scent.



Hydrates, strengthens, soothes irritation, firms, normalizes and reduces free radcals


Obtained from young, selected blackcurrant sprouts. Extracted with respect to the principles which protect the ecosystem and ensure the undisturbed plant growth. The raw material is certified with Ecocert which confirms its organic quality. The research has shown that buds of young plants contain more active substances than mature plants, hence their macerates (extracts) have much stronger effects than the traditional plant extracts. During their growth, when intensive cell division takes place, buds can combine substances from various plant parts; they are a source of many vitamins, elements and salts. Such a great content of valuable ingredients never occurs in the mature phase of plant development. GEMMOCALM® shows strong properties of soothing skin irritations which are an effect of irritant substances, mechanical micro-damage, high or low temperature, and UV radiation. It quickly and effectively inhibits inflammation development, reduces redness, soothes and restores the comfort of sensitive skin.

Contains valuable active substances: Flavonoids, organic acids and polysaccharides which perfectly care for sensitive skin. It soothes irritation, has anti-ageing and anti-oxidative effects.

Obtained from green tea leaves, rich in alkaloids, mineral salts, polyphenols, and vitamins B, C, K and P. It strengthens the immune system, prevents collagen degradation and reduces irritation. It has very strong anti-oxidative and anti-ageing effects.

Ginger does not occur naturally. It is mainly grown in tropical regions with high temperature and humidity. Rhizomes are the used part of the plant. Ginger is not only a perfect spice but also a valuable therapeutic raw material. It contains an essential oil rich in medicinal compounds, as well as calcium, iron and magnesium. Ginger extract has warming effects, stimulates circulation and reduces swelling. It improves the appearance of skin, its firmness and elasticity, is effectively used in combating and preventing cellulite.

Contains valuable active substances: flavonoids, organic acids and polysaccharides. It perfectly cares for sensitive skin, soothes irritations and strengthens capillaries. It has anti-ageing and antioxidant effects.

A monosaccharide, naturally present in products, e.g. fruit or honey. It improves hydration, prevents water evaporation, softens and smooths skin.

Rich in nourishing, regenerating and rejuvenating ingredients. It perfectly hydrates skin, also sensitive and allergy-prone one.

A Vitis Vinifera fruit extract, rich in mineral ingredients, sugars, vitamins, pectins and a polyphenol – resveratrol. It is an active, protective substance of a plant, which protects it against infections, oxidative stress and UV rays. The ingredient is also present in red wine and is responsible for the so called “French paradox”. The life expectancy of the French people, despite their fat diet and a lot of consumed alcohol, is long when compared with other Western European countries. It is attributed to large quantities of consumed red wine, rich in resveratrol. The Vitis Vinisfera extract strengthens the protective barrier of skin and protects it against irritation. It also accelerates the regeneration of micro damage caused by e.g. inappropriate care, peelings, sunbathing.

Enhances the action of caffeine, prevents the process of fat accumulation in cells by inhibiting phosholipase enzyme responsible for lipid decomposition.

It is characterized by a much higher content of caffeine than coffee; thanks to that, it has a strong energizing effect on cells and stimulates micro circulation. The effect is also supported by other alkaloids contained in guarana seeds, as well as saponins and flavonoids. Thanks to these ingredients, guarana extract prevents swelling and cellulite, and has a stimulating effect on the skin which stays smooth and flexible.

Obtained from seeds of grape – the fruit of Vitis Vinifera. It is perfectly absorbed by the skin, greatly hydrates and soothes irritation; it inhibits skin ageing thanks to its anti-free-radical effects. It is resistant to going rancid. It does not leave the feeling of oiliness.

Natural, plant peeling particles, obtained in the process in the process of grape seed grinding. With a properly selected grain size, grape seeds are used for mechanical body exfoliation. They accelerate the process of exfoliation, smooth epidermis, stimulate micro circulation and support toxin removal from the body during massage.

A strong antioxidant, has anti-ageing and revitalizing properties, protects skin cells against adverse effects of the environment and toxins; it has anti-cellulite and firming effects; it supports the treatment of inflammations.


Xylitol and Lactitol – natural prebiotics which restore the balance of skin micro flora by favouring development of beneficial micro-organisms. They reduce dryness and itching, prevent irritation and dandruff, regulate the process of epidermis exfoliation. They provide long-lasting hydration.

Based on cold-pressed sunflower oil (Helichrysum Italicum (Immortelle) Flower Extract; Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower)). It has a very beneficial effect on capillaries, has a shrinking effect, and accelerates the absorption of effusions. Its effect is similar to the one of vitamin K but shows no side effects. Sunflower oil additive oils skin and provides it with a protective lipid coat.

Strengthens skin and improves elasticity.

A perennial plant from the horsetail family. It grows in fields and gardens in whole Europe; it is very common in Poland. Horsetail is considered one of the most widespread weeds. However, due to its valuable compounds, which improve skin and hair condition, it is one of the most valuable phytotherapeutic and cosmetic materials. It contains silicon, mineral salts, flavonoids and vitamin C. Horsetail extract strengthens skin structure, firms, improves skin tightness and elasticity. It also has a soothing and capillary-strengthening effect.

See - Calendula
See - Horsetail

A complex of polysaccharides and phospholipids with hydrating and elasticity enhancing effects, prevents water loss.

A substance obtained from seeds of Peruvian Tara plant, adjusted to an extremely dry climate. It long-lastingly maintains the proper level of skin hydration.

Is a natural ingredient of human tissues. Hyaluronic acid does not have an immunogenic effect (does not cause allergies). Until recently, it has been obtained from rooster combs, Wharton’s jelly or raw materials of bovine animal origin. Nowadays, it is obtained from some algae species, and also with the use of biotechnological methods (strains of Streptococcus bacteria). Acid contained in cosmetics binds water in the epidermis (well-hydrated epidermis becomes smooth) and also supports protective properties of skin. Hyaluronic acid is also used in plastic surgery for intratissue injections in order to firm cheeks, augment lips etc.



Accelerates cell metabolism, smooths and firms skin, has anti-cellulite effects.

Contains many valuable active ingredients: flavonoids, saponins, tannins, organic acids; it has a broad range of effects. It regulates sebum secretion, cleanses skin and soothes irritation. It’s effective in the fight against cellulite, shapes body and prevents swelling. It stimulates micro circulation, strengthens capillaries and firms skin.

A plant polysaccharide, obtained by chicory or beet root extraction, with prebiotic properties. An innovative raw material, very skin-friendly, with soothing and hydrating effects. It provides hair with shine and volume.

Wheat germ and yeast extract; easily absorbed, rich in amino acids, mineral salts and enzymes, a plant bio complex with soothing effects. It soothes any irritation, e.g. caused by sun or allergy. It hydrates skin and strengthens its immune abilities.