Active Ingredients P - Q - R - S


Rich in biologically active substances, e.g. Omega-5 acid with strong anti-inflammatory effects. Pomegranate extract provides strong nourishing and anti-wrinkle effects, inhibits skin ageing processes, visibly firms, repairs. It is a strong antioxidant and a natural UV filter.

Used in the cosmetic industry due to its small molecule and excellent water solubility; it penetrated deep into dermis, hair roots, upper nail layer and turns into provitamin B5. The source of provitamin B5 are mostly yeast and ginseng. Panthenol penetrates into deepest epidermis layers, perfectly hydrates skin, provides it with softness and smoothness, has anti-inflammatory and soothing effects. It is one of the best hair conditioners which influences the increase in hair growth and thickness. Thanks to its hygroscopic nature, it retains water in hair which makes it look thicker and enhances its elasticity.

Accelerates the process of healing and regeneration of micro damages. It soothes irritation and redness, retains water in the epidermis, hydrates and softens.

Enzyme obtained from papaya; it exfoliates and normalizes; it accelerates cell renewal – strengthens the intercellular cement, maintains proper cohesion of epidermis cells.

Keratolytic fruit enzymes obtained from Carica Papaya (papaya) fruit and Bromelaceae (pineapple). Closed in micro capsules, they are activated with water. They loosen peptide (protein)-bindings and exfoliate rough epidermis, smooth and even skin colour.

Rich in amino acids, mineral salts and micro elements. It strengthens skin structure and inhibits ageing processes. It functions as a natural UV filter.

An active complex of ingredients obtained from Dunaliella Salina micro algae with skin energizing effects. Thanks to the nourishing cocktail of amino acids, carbohydrates and mineral ingredients, it stimulates cell energy centres to produce ATP, as well as protects them against oxidative stress. It provides the effects of rejuvenation, skin colour improvement, skin brightening and unification.

We owe its presence on our tables to Columbus who discovered it in 1439 when he reached Guadeloupe. Nowadays, it is grown in almost every tropical country. Pineapple fruit is rich in vitamins (A, PP, C vitamins B), mineral ingredients, fiber, sugars and bromelain enzyme which wasn’t isolated until 1970s. It enables you to remove dead epidermis cells, is very gentle to the skin (also couperose one) and does not cause irritation at the same time. When combined with vitamin C, also present in pineapple extract, it regulates the process of epidermis exfoliation, evens skin colour and smooths it.

Present in some cereal, seeds of fruit and legumes, nuts. In higher concentrations, it is used in brightening preparations, especially combined with AHA acids. Due to its strong anti-free-radical properties, it prevents inflammations and aging processes. When added to the formulation in low concentrations, it improves skin hydration and elasticity, as well as enables penetration of other active substances of the preparation deep into epidermis.

Present in some cereal, seeds of fruit and legumes, nuts. In higher concentrations, it is used in brightening preparations, especially combined with AHA acids. Due to its strong anti-free-radical properties, it prevents inflammations and aging processes. When added to the formulation in low concentrations, it improves skin hydration and elasticity, as well as enables penetration of other active substances of the preparation deep into epidermis.

It has beneficial effects for skin, is very gentle, soothes itchiness in the case of atopic skin and eczema, does not clog pores, prevents cracking of epidermis, has anti-inflammatory effects on inflammations and irritations.

An active ingredient obtained from apples. It has perfect washing effects, foams perfectly even in hard water. It is exceptionally gentle, removes even eye make-up, does not upset hydro-lipid skin barrier, and does not leave the feeling of skin shrinkage at the same time.

A rich source of sugars, vitamins, carotenoids, proteins, minerals and amino acids. Glucose and fructose hydrate and keep water in the epidermis, create a protective film which prevents water evaporation from intercellular spaces. Beta-carotene and vitamins: A, C and E are a cocktail of antioxidants which inhibit the skin aging process. The extract is also a rich source of enzymes which regulate the process of exfoliation: Their effects provide skin with smoothness and radiance.


Cools, brings relief.


Rich in antioxidants important for the skin care (e.g. vitamin E). It also contains beta-carotene, which supports natural protective processes of skin, and vitamin K. Rapeseed oil protects skin from moisture loss and prevents irritation.

In Europe, tea appeared in the 17th century. Many varieties of tea come from the same species but their properties result from the processes they undergo after harvesting. Red tea undergoes an additional fermentation and lagering process. It contains many biologically active compounds with strong stimulating, detoxifying and micro circulation stimulating effects and, thus, supports fat tissue burning.

Firms skin, strengthens, inhibits collagen degradation and reduces irritation.

A complex of rice and soybean proteins, inhibits collagen degradation, firms and strengthens.

Retains water and softens epidermis.

Oriza Sativia Hull Powder – a product obtained by grinding of rice seed coating. It has perfect absorptive and matting properties (even 300% of its mass). It also facilitates cosmetic application. In line with Ecocert standards.

A natural flavonoid obtained from young plant shoots, has anti-free-radical effects and inhibits skin inflammations. It protects against adverse effects of environmental factors, e.g. UV radiation.

Is a strongly scented Mediterranean bush. Its name comes from the Latin words: Ros – dew and marinus – from the sea. Ancient Greeks and Romans used it during ceremonies, it was a protection from diseases. Rosemary extract is a toning, astringent and skin firming ingredient, it counteracts wrinkle formation. Rosemary oil has stimulating effects – both mentally (belongs to aphrodisiacs) and physiologically – has a strong effect on tissues and cells.


Regulates sebum secretion and epidermis exfoliation.

Smooths, soothes skin lesions and absorbs sebum.

Obtained by cold-pressing of Sesamum Indicum seeds, which come from South-East Asia, Middle Africa, Egypt and China. One of the oldest oils used for cosmetic purposes. It is very rich in unsaturated fatty acids (Omega-6 and -9), minerals, tocopherols and vitamin B6. It is recommended for the care of dry, mature skin with poor blood supply and cellulite. It protects skin against external factors, prevents water loss (TEWL), improves elasticity and hydration. In Ayuverdic therapies, the oil is used for a warming massage which cleanses skin of toxins (cellulite) and gives it shine.

A botanic complex, contains a water lily extract. It hydrates, smooths skin, has protective and soothing effects, inhibits the effects of photo-ageing.

Serum is a cosmetic with higher concentration of active substances; additionally, it is lighter than a cream. Serum can deeply hydrate, firm, normalize the work of sebaceous glands. It evens skin colour and provides it with shine. It should be used in the morning and evening on cleansed face skin, under a cream or an algae / hydrolipid mask. Thanks to the concentrated formula, you only need to apply a small amount of serum on face, neck and neck line.

Oil of the charmingly named African Butyrospermum Parkii tree (which has been considered holy and worshipped for thousands of years there). The oil has a form of hard, whitish butter lamps (hence its name) which need to be warmed in hands to obtain the proper oil consistency. It is a natural sun filter (cinnamic acid). The properties of Shea butter: regenerates and nourishes skin, contains vitamins A and F which rejuvenate and protect skin against free radicals, has protective properties – protects skin from cold, wind and frost, smooths and enhances elasticity, is 100% safe.

Improves hydration and elasticity, smooths, provides shine, protects and facilitates hair styling. It creates a hypoallergenic, hydrating and protecting layer on the skin. It smooths, enhances elasticity, reduces the feeling of roughness.

A mix of ceramides. It protects hair from damages, improves elasticity.

Rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids which build the intercellular cement. Linoleic acid, the main ingredient of soybean oil, perfectly absorbs and builds itself into phospholipids of cell membranes; thanks to that, it supports the functioning of the skin lipid barrier. It makes skin hydrated and elastic.

A plant complex obtained from barley grain wax, with calming and smoothing effects. It reduces the feeling of roughness and dryness, supports restoration of the lipid barrier.

A Spanish lavender oil. An active ant wrinkle and anti-ageing substance. It controls micro contractions and, thus, reduces mimic muscle tension (the botox-like effect), shapes the face oval. It has immediate and long-lasting effects. Despite its high activeness, it is very safe for the skin – it has the Ecocert.

A natural amino acid, most often obtained from molasses (a dark-brown sirup, by-product of sugar production, called the “black gold”). It strongly hydrates and reduces trans-epidermal water loss, soothes the effects of skin dryness. It provides a smooth, satin finish on the skin.

Obtained from almond tree seeds, a valued ingredient of care cosmetics, especially cosmetics for sensitive skin. It contains oleic and linoleic acids, minerals and a cocktail of valuable vitamins. It protects from dryness, soothes chapped skin, gently oils and enhances hydration.

Obtained from olive oil, influences the maintenance of a proper hydro-lipid barrier, provides a proper skin hydration. A strong anti-oxidant, protects against ageing processes.