Active Ingredients W - X - Y


Have nourishing, firming and anti-stretch-mark effects.

Created from the youngest leaves, a strong anti-oxidant. It protects skin cells against photo-ageing, has immune-stimulating effects. It inhibits the activity of enzymes which damage collagen and elastin.

Inhibits ageing processes, protects skin against free radicals and photo-ageing; it inhibits the activity of enzymes which destroy collagen and elastin, strengthens the immune system.

Has astringent properties and prevents irritation.


An active complex of natural origin, contains clary sage extract. It belongs to the group of xerophilous plants, which is why it has developed a series of adaptations to cope with the lack of water and survive. Thanks to that, it has developed structures and functions that enable reduction and delay of water loss. Xeradin contains high amounts of flavonoids, triterpenes, phenolic acids, essential oils and saccharides. It is perfect for dry and dehydrated skin. It provides a strong and immediate, 24-hour hydration effect, even after the first application. Xeradin influences the improvement of skin barrier functions. The in-vivo tests showed a progressive hydration increase in the first three hours after the application. After three hours, hydration was at the level of 114%, after 24 hours – 38%, when compared with solvents.


Soothes irritation and inflammations. It accelerates regeneration of micro-damages, additionally cleanses skin.