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Firming and Regenerating Face Cream for Men 50ml



A nourishing cream for the care of every skin type affected by elasticity loss and prone to wrinkle formation. It contains synergistically selected ingredients, natural extracts and oils which take complex care of demanding skin and protect it. Its formula has been enriched with an innovative plant complex with dual effects. After its application, the cream instantly creates a delicate, lifting film which improves elasticity and looks of skin, prevents the signs of ageing for a long time and strengthens the rejuvenating effect at the same time. It absorbs quickly, does not burden skin, leaves it soft and smooth.


Shea butter, oils: avocado, sweet almond and coconut, Tens’UpTM, Baikal skullcap extract, aloe extract, ceramide complex, Bisabolol, vitamin E, allantoin, glycerin.


apply a small amount of the cream to cleansed and dry skin every day, in the morning and evening.

• strengthens and restores skin structure
• firms and improves elasticity
• smooths minor wrinkles
• provides a long-term rejuvenating effect
• regenerates skin
• improves hydration
• soothes irritation
• protects against oxidative stress
and external factors
• light texture
• quick absorption
• does not leave an oily film
• gentle, refreshing scent
• high efficiency
• elegant packaging
• hygienic application (airless)
• allergen-free fragrance composition
• no colorings


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