Glycerin Handmade Soap Black Orchid 100g

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Handmade glycerin soap with a warm and sophisticated perfume-like aroma. It contains ca. 30% of top quality vegetable glycerin. The soap perfectly cleanses the skin, while its flower and fruit scent develops beautifully on the skin.

Plant Glycerine

SINK: In the sink for the hands wash so scrub them until all visible dirt is removed.
SHOWER: You can use it in the shower so run soap bar all over your body then thoroughly rinse yourself off.

Cosmetics certified with INSPIRED BY NATURE are free of parabens, PEGs, SLS, paraffin, Vaseline, silicones, formaldehyde donors and ethanolamines. The gentle fragrance composition is free of allergens.

Certified cosmetics are free of animal origin-products, semi-finished products, impurities or derivatives of meat, fish or seafood. All created with high quality flowers, fruits, herb extracts and essential oils.

In the products of Organique, you will find the wealth of extracts and ingredients of natural origin. We prepare our products with great care and attention to every detail. Most of them are still handmade.

Eco formula / The used raw materials are accepted by institutions which certify natural cosmetics.