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Natural Essential Oil Tea Tree 7ml



Effects on body

  • stimulates the function of the immune system and provides antibacterial, antiviral, fungicidal and anti-inflammatory effects
  • is referred to as “intelligent” oil as it kills micro-organisms without harming the skin’s natural bacterial flora
  • normalises the function of sebaceous glands, perfectly moisturises and improves wound healing
  • is helpful in oral hygiene, toothache and inflammation of the gums
  • has a relaxing and antipyretic effect
  • repels insects and soothes bites
  • has a brightening effect
  • accelerates skin regeneration


How to use

lamps, aromatic fireplaces, humidifiers.

For Bath
Put 10-15 drops on the average bathtub of lukewarm water in a stream of water being poured.

For massage
3-5 drops mixed with one tablespoon of base oil, eg from grape seed, olive oil from the village, etc.

Frequently placed containers in capacious containers. In a place that is invisible and inaccessible to children. Protect from light.

Hypersensitivity to the preparation. Skin diseases, allergies, asthma. I do not miss a pregnant woman, nursing mothers and young children. Subjects should be discontinued when they get excessive sleepiness or agitation or other reactions felt (eg, Rash, redness of the skin, runny nose, watery eyesight, etc.). If you have chronic care before replacing, wear a doctor's advice.

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